My Evaluation – Tiger woods Muay Thai

Be ready, this is really a long publish. This required me some time to circumvent to composing this, mostly because I’ve been busy with a lot of issues because my go back to the says, including health insurance and job searching. I additionally wasn’t certain in exactly what format I needed to rate/review the actual camps We trained (may train) from. I believe I finally selected a Notice Grade method instead of a numbering program. Here would be the following categories I’ll rate the actual camps along with:



Training Regimen



Population/Student Entire body




Tiger Muay Thai

Amenities – A+

The amenities at Tiger woods are undoubtedly among the strengths associated with Tiger Muay Thai. The service is first class, including 6 Muay Thai Bands and 1 MMA Crate. I really attended the actual camp following the building on 3 brand new rings, including a brand new Beginners Instruction Area had been completed. The brand new area featured a pleasant mirrored walls, and like all of the training places, completely matted flooring. The camp also offers dozens associated with bags to operate on, in addition to a weight instruction area. Additionally, there are lots of areas in order to sit as well as relax during down-time, such since the Tiger Grill and also the eating region, or the actual computer area while watching main workplace. The camping also includes a pro store (although it’s a little expensive). Truthfully, there is not much bad to express about the actual facilities from Tiger. Tiger does a great job in permitting training places for it is 3 different amounts of the Muay Thai plan, as well since the separate MMA plan, and the Yoga course.

Training Regimen – A-

Every morning starts out having a 30 moment optional method class. The class is a good opportunity to understand and perfect specific methods including from clinch function to protective techniques and much more. If anybody is thinking about training from Tiger, It is suggested taking this particular class. Subsequent Technique course, you may skip rope for around 20-30 min’s, and then continue to team stretching. Following this, you wrap both hands, and then begin in a rotator of Bag/Pad/Sparring function. Usually you need to do each for between three to five rounds, 3 min’s each. Between each circular was the mandatory 10 pushups. You need to do this inside a rotation therefore you’ll perform 3 models of tote work, after that 3 models of mat work, then 3 models of sparring for instance. Following this particular, you’ll perform a specific technique about the bag, or having a partner, for any set quantity of times. Good examples are two hundred kicks, 100 by pass knees, and so on. Sometimes they’ll vary this particular and instead you’ll work technique like a counter to some kick. The actual session models down along with 200-300 sit-ups as well as 150 pushups, after which a team stretch. There’s also option operating class rather than technique course, and there’s the choice of getting Yoga each morning. The program lasts regarding 4 several hours.

The MMA plan is somewhat different. This starts later on, and ends sooner than the Muay Thai. You get getting much less fitness throughout the MMA, but a lot more technique. The MMA starts up having a 30 minute warm-up and team stretch. Through there, it’s about technique. The teachers will show a method, and then you definitely practice this for 5 min’s, and discover another method, etc. This continues for forty minutes approximately, and ultimately you tell you them just about all again. After this, you proceed live and obtain the chance to apply the actual technique. Sometimes it is free for those rolling, while additional times a person practice defending a particular situation, for example somebody getting your back again. The MMA periods don’t finish with any type of group extending or comfortable downs. MMA courses last for around 3 several hours. I might have liked much more fitness in the MMA plan, but general both applications rate perfectly.

Trainers — B-

It’s tough personally to price this class this reduced, considering which i thought working out routine had been great and I truly liked a few of the trainers. Among my personal favorite trainers had been Ajarn Macintosh, and Kru Nai as well as Kru Sornpitchai (each former Lumpinee Winners). I additionally thought how the guest MMA instructors in the Freestyle Battle Academy, Donald and Marcos had been great. Actually We thought they were superb instructors, and a fantastic choice by TMT because replacements with regard to Ray.

Which provides me to among the things We was let down in. After i arranged my day at go teach at Tiger woods, one from the main causes of me selecting Tiger instead of a various school had been for the opportunity to train along with Ray Elbe. I’d heard plenty of wonderful reasons for Ray just before attending the actual camp, and We was disappointed he was from the camp within my time presently there. Towards the finish of camping, I found that he was in america, competing within the UFC Actuality Show – The best Fighter. I had been definitely happy for that success associated with Ray, but disappointed which i was not able to train along with him. I suppose it’ll give me grounds to return.

Another thing which was a small inconvenience was that every trainer shows things somewhat different. One coach will proper your technique on the kick possibly, and after that later which day, or the following day, after you’ve practiced the actual technique one of the ways, a various trainer may say you do it incorrect, and demonstrate a various way. It eventually ends up being just a little frustrating. This really is where getting private lessons is really a nice advantage. In personal lessons, you get lots of 1 on one time with the trainer, and you will really type up your own technique. I suggest taking several per week if you’re able to afford it when you are at Tiger woods.

Finally, the prevailing concern that that the actual trainers obtained so reduced, was the actual trainer through the name associated with Robert Lek. You realize the stating, one poor apple ruins the lot, well which was the situation here. One poor trainer destroyed my general opinion from the trainers, or instead the score with this category. I’d several damaging instances along with Robert which i was irritated with, however the biggest arrived during 7 days 2 associated with my instruction. There had been an odd number of individuals for sparring which day, and so i ended upward sparring along with Robert. Right now, the concept of sparring is actually suppose to become “light sparring” exactly where you proceed between 50 -75%, and also you are coordinated with individuals of similar physique and certainly experience degree, because you’re in a good assigned region (Newbie, Intermediate, Sophisticated). Nicely, Robert utilized this as a chance to basically defeat the crap from me, to the stage where In my opinion if the actual round proceeded to go longer he’d have bumped me away.

Considering he’s a trainer that has had more than 100 fights and it has been training Muay Thai their entire existence, I don’t believe he must have been heading all out beside me. In add-on, I had been nursing a number of broken bones during my right feet, which made utilizing it not a choice. So essentially, Robert pummelled on a good inexperienced partly crippled guy, solely with regards to feeding their ego. We say which, because this simply wasn’t for my personal benefit. If there have been a lesson throughout the session, like a trainer, he must have pointed this out. For example, if We was performing something incorrect, he must have maybe labeled me one or two times, and after that stopped as well as showed me how to proceed, or not really do, to prevent it. I had been extremely disappointed this specific experience. When i said, there had been other runs into both just before and now incident, but I’m not likely to recap all of them. It is essential for me to indicate that this is actually the exception, and never the guideline. 95% from the trainers from Tiger are first class and very professional. Robert merely has a few maturing to complete, and might have some bitterness towards farangs. Once more, most from the trainers from Tiger tend to be exceptional, and overall you’ll have a really great experience together, but Used to do want to indicate this damaging side, so which hopefully it will likely be addressed and can improve later on, for other people and personally (after i return in order to Tiger the next time. )#)

There had been some vibrant spots so far as the coaches go which i do wish to mention. I stated that 2 of my personal favorite trainers had been Sornpitchai as well as Nai. They experienced great power and had been fun to utilize. I caused them a great deal during Method class, plus they held pads personally many occasions. Both of these were really former Lumpinee winners. Here is actually some video of these fighting throughout the TMT cigarette smoker fight upon Valentines Day time.

I additionally took a few private training in each Muay Thai as well as MMA. Used to do several periods in Muay Thai along with Ajarn Macintosh, who offers over forty years encounter training/teaching within Muay Thai. He had been great to utilize. He demonstrated me numerous techniques, as well as showed me personally some Muay Boran. I’d definitely suggest taking a few private training with him or her, if a person go. Additionally, a couple of friends associated with mine do private training with Nazzee as well as Rhet. Additionally they had excellent energy, and I would suggest them too. Muay Thai personal lessons from Tiger are a reasonable 700 baht, and therefore are between 1 human resources and 1 human resources 15 minutes. You can allow trainer know what to focus on, or you are able to tell all of them specifically what you need to focus on and they’ll help a person.

As for that MMA training, since Beam wasn’t close to, I caused the 2nd in command within the MMA plan, Andreas Hasselbeck. Andreas has lots of experience within Grappling and could help me locate a lot of techniques. When i have stated before, Grappling is actually my weak spot, and Andreas’ coaching was clutch system. My buddy Jordan as well as I divided the course, so all of us compensated 400 baht for each session. That is the easiest method to take a good MMA training, because the actual instructor may demonstrate on another person why a person watch, as well as vice versa. In my opinion Ray is actually back right now, so you are able to currently consider sessions along with either Beam or Andreas. Without having much encounter in MMA or even BJJ, taking a few private training can capture you up to date really fast.

Administration/Office — C+

This really is another fragile area with regard to Tiger. All of the office personnel are pleasant, but less helpful when i would possess liked. The fundamental impression We was remaining with had been “This Is actually Thailand”, and that is kind from the attitude everybody has. What I discovered bad about this, is you’ve got a camp exactly where 98% of the clients tend to be Western, and also the owner is actually Western, I type of felt that you ought to have the Western method of doing company. Honestly, the camping could probably take advantage of a Traditional western Office Supervisor, to correct the deliver. I might accept which job, in the event that it actually opens upward.

I additionally had one more problem along with my lodging. When We contacted the actual camp, I specified which i wanted an area right in the camp. I wanted every single child open my personal door and go out and teach every early morning. When We arrived, there is not room in the camp, so these people arranged the camp in the future for me personally. I appreciate they did this, and it ended up being better accommodiations which i would have experienced at Tiger woods, but We specifically conveyed that my definitive goal was to stay housing about the camp. Furthermore, since I wasn’t at the actual camp, I was not able to pay along with CC, and needed to pay along with cash rather, which meant I’d to get more money wired within. A large amount of this might have been resolved in advance with far better communication in the office. Actually, I do communicate backwards and forwards with work about twelve times prior to my appearance, and We specifically requested questions regarding using CC and also the cost with regard to my space and instruction. Once once again, there was a few other small instances, but they all are things that may be, and ideally are corrected for future years.