Tips to Renting the Right Limousine Service

Whether it’s an event of prom or wedding, it’s essential to get the best service and vehicle for your money. Choosing the right limousine service can be an awkward job. There are numbers of companies offering different cars to choose from, so how to pick the right one for you? They key is to do some homework with the following tips on how to choose a right limousine service according to your needs.

Know before you go

Renting a fair limousine always depends on the number of people, the type of events, the destination point, and the number of hours you will need to reach the destination. Most renting companies may ask you if this is for a concert, birthday party, prom, anniversary or wedding – and they usually trained in particular events to provide the best possible experience. If you provide the in-depth details of your event, they can deliver a better service to you.

Get the right ride

Sometimes, a right transport makes your journey pleasant and gives you a lifetime experience. A classic antique Rolls Royce for riding off in style from the wedding or stretch Hummer for your bachelor party. Make sure your vehicle has the enough features and space. Always hire a vehicle which has a seat for at least two or three more people than present in your party. Ask in advance or carry iPod, mix CDs with enough music to enjoy your ride and be entertained. Also discuss the extra features, such as luggage capacity for larger groups, seating arrangement, and accommodation.

Focus on value

All limo serviceis not equal. Cost should not be the only component when you search for the vehicle. Most companies offer different prices according to their different service levels, so it’s a wise move to be prepared with your budget ahead of time.

Get the whole price

Each limousine company has its own particular pricing policies and offer services valued by the hours. Most companies also offer absolute rates for all-inclusive packages. Check for add on’s charges, such as fuel surcharges or other services fees are exclusive of the base price. Most companies also demand a 15-20% of the base fare as a tip for drivers.

Safety first

Safety is the most important thing to look after when you book a limo for yourself and your family. Always check that the companies are registered with their state and have a proper license and insurance paperwork’s done. Don’t hire a limo with companies who can’t show their insurance and licensing credentials.


Book a limo with packages is also a great choice for special events, such as weddings, prom, sporting events, concerts or another type of rides with an appropriate start and end time. These packages include a set number of hours for your vehicle that is suitable to your event size.

Plan ahead

Discuss the details of your ride experiences and plan accordingly. Drinks or ice are required? Do you have any favored route to reach your destination? Sharing these details with your limousine service provider can help them to meet your demands.