Dealing With Flight Delays in the Best Manner Possible

Those who travel regularly have accepted flight delays and cancellations as part and parcel of traveling by air. The situation can be quite frustrating if you are facing it for the first time. With due consideration to the hassle and discomfort faced by you, it does you no good to lose your cool and unnecessarily aggravate the situation. Rather you should take some logical and reasonable steps like –


As soon as a delay announcement has been made, you need to focus and prioritize your next action. For instance, it could be informing somebody not to meet you at the airport, informing your booked accommodation about the delay and try to push it further or even arrange for accommodation near your airport. The earlier you do, you would emerge a winner as suddenly there would be hundreds of passengers like you requiring accommodation as well.

Keep your cool

You should never vent your frustration on the staff but be polite and form with them. After all, it is not their fault that the delay has happened. Additionally, they would be more prone to help you if they have taken a liking to you. In scenarios, where the staff is being rude or unhelpful, it’s best to note down their names and report them to concerned authorities instead of drawing daggers with them.

Find another route

In case reaching your destination is crucial for you, you should consider all your alternatives. One can   be to get a ticket from different airlines? Additionally, you can look at trains, cars or ship to get to your destination in minimum possible time. You might even find several co-passengers joining with you. This can make your incurring cost go down considerably as well.

Seek compensation

Check your travel insurance as well as flight rules to decipher if you are entitled to a claim. If the delay is due to the fault of airlines and situation within their control, then you are entitled to compensation. You must follow the procedure and do all that needs to be done so that you do not face any harassment or rejection of your claim later.