New York City Weather

New York City is a wonderful destination. Not only does it have amazing attractions, impressive monuments and shops galore, it also has an extremely changeable climate. Everyone should visit New York City, and with low cost direct flights to New York easy to find, there really isn’t a reason not to. Whilst there are so many things to see and do, lets focus on the weather in NYC.

New York City falls under the humid subtropical climate zone. The weather changes here can be rapid and sudden, going from a sunny to cloudy day and warm to cool temperatures in a matter of hours. The city does see all four seasons, however, offering tourists a chance to see the beauty of NYC in different climate situations. For many people, NYC is best visited during the fall season when the weather is not too hot or freezing. Other New Yorkers, and tourists alike, may argue that each season has its own splendour such as the festival atmosphere of the winter months, the beautiful blooms of spring, or all the action the heat of summer brings to an already bustling city. To give an idea of the weather in the different months of the year, here is a breakdown of what to expect in winter, fall, spring and summer in NYC

Winter — The winter months can be cold to freezing. The average high temperature in January is 38°f with a low of 27°f. For the most part, this time of the year is very windy and at times wet with freezing rain. Snow and sleet are also very common and can be dangerous as they turn slippery. Blizzards also hit the city sometimes so watching weather forecasts beforehand is a must for tourists and residents in general.

Spring — Spring arrives in the month of March and stretches into June. The average high temperature in March is 50°f and 35°f is the average low. By the time spring reaches its end in June the temperature may go up all the way into the low 80s. Spring is still mostly cool in NYC though with winter storms saying goodbye and also has lots of rain. The end of April is the time when the weather really begins to feel like spring and May is as good a time to visit the city as any.

Summer — The summer time in NYC in its peak is sweltering hot reaching into the low 100°f sometimes. The months starting with late-June through September see long, hot and humid days with lots of sunshine throughout. July and August are the warmest with high temperatures averaging in the mid-80s and low temperatures hitting at the high 60s for both months. Whether it is daytime or the night, there is not much of a difference in the temperature because of humidity. Rainstorms can also be expected during the summer.

Fall — Although the weather may began to cool in late-September, the start of fall is in October. The usually cool and crisp weather associated with Autumns in NYC are showcased best in this month as November becomes increasingly cold as the days go by. The days of fall are normally warm with cool nights. There is still lots of sunshine but it also has rainy days. The average high temperature in October is 64°f and the low is 50°f.