Organizing your own trips: the essential steps and tools

Since traveling has become an integral part of my life, I have noticed as I go along with exchanges and meetings that organizing a trip abroad can sometimes scare the uninitiated.

Organize a trip – How far in advance?

You can imagine, we do not organize a weekend in Rome like a world tour over three years … Around the world is not my specialty, I will write here focusing on travel short and medium duration. First and foremost, it is important to know if your trip is taking place during high or low tourist season. These periods being different according to the destinations, it is important to inquire as soon as possible about this factor.

Concerning the deadlines, here is a small order of idea of ​​the calendar of my preparations:

  • I organize my short stays in Europe (capitals and / or European cities) about two to three months in advance. I usually choose the exact dates according to the most attractive prices for flights. I travel most of the time during the low season. For these short stays in town, the supply of accommodation and transport is generally important, there is no real urgency to book too far in advance.
  • On the other hand, for short-stay destinations that do not offer a host of accommodation and transport options (rural areas, winter trips), one can start making reservations for4, 5 or even 6 months at the same time. in advance to be sure to have a maximum of possibilities.
  • I organize my long stays in North America about 6 months in advance. Again, the flight is to be booked in priority but not too much in advance either. Buying a plane ticket a year in advance really does not guarantee getting the best fare!

An ally of choice: the paper guide

Once your destination is stopped, before anything else, take an afternoon to go scour some rays of tourist guides! The paper guide is indeed  the essential tool to start organizing a trip. Why? Before you even start talking about the program and activities, you’ll be able to put your nose in all the information you need to know about your destination:

  • administrative procedures to enter the country (EU identity card, passport and / or visas for the rest of the world);
  • the airlines that serve the country or the city;
  • climatic or meteorological characteristics;
  • When is it advisable to travel to this location?
  • Type of limo like airport limo Transportation Toronto

How to choose in this jungle tour guide when you know nothing?

Most guides today are of good quality: the information is generally reliable and updated regularly. We will not make a choice based on the content but rather according to the shape of the guide. Because what will make you really look for this or that guide is its style: the style of writing, the editorial line, the layout, it is a matter of tastes! If all the guides on Rome will tell you to go visit the Colosseum, compare the difference of content that is devoted to it in the different guides: the mass of information will be more or less dense; the tips will not be quite identical etc. The best way is to take your time, go potash and handle the guides on the shelves before making your choice.